Viale Piave, 37, 59100 Prato

ArteMia Prato

01 Feb, 2023


It was the distant summer of 2008 when six young graduates in Art History – who had met within the Association of Friends of the Museums of Prato – came up with the idea of founding ArteMìa, an Association of Social Promotion. What united them – and still unites us – was the passion for art, certainly, but also the love for Prato, a city rich in history, famous people and works of art.


In short, what does ArteMìa actually do?! He passionately deals with art, history and popular traditions; rummages through the secret pages of the city's history, to tell with irony and simplicity curious and unusual details that the artists have left; find among the ancient texts the memories of Prato, recover the legends or the strangest and funniest anecdotes of the past to bring them back to today's memory.


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